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Many have read and have heard about the cross on which Jesus died. A large number of Christians celebrate Easter by recalling the sufferings Jesus went through on the cross.

However, not many know some of the spiritual dimensions of the sufferings. Not many know why Jesus had to die, why the death had to be on the cross and no other way.

A number of converts have joined the faith through open crusades, house to house or one on one evangelism, regular Sunday morning or evening services, street evangelism among others where the gospel message was preached. However, not many have actually come to realize the tremendous power the cross of Jesus Christ has nor have they come to understand that it has a message for every human being on this planet earth.

A number of people both Christians and non-Christians know and can quote John 3:16 but not many have realized that the cross is the place where this love of God was demonstrated as Jesus hung on it.

Holding the view that the cross of Jesus Christ is the single most important event in the history of humanity, the writer wants as many people as possible to know and experience this powerful truth.



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In this book, The Cross Of Jesus Christ: It’s Message & Power, the author takes the reader through a deep dive into scriptures to bring to the surface some truths about the Incarnation, sufferings, death (by crucifixion) and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He went further beyond the physical to look at the spiritual dimensions of the events on the cross of Jesus Christ and bring out their importance and blessings to mankind.

The writer presents a thorough exposition of the gospel message, equips the reader with insights into what Jesus did in order for them to be saved as well as equip the believer in Christ with requisite information in order to share their faith in Christ with others.

I believe you will find the book interesting as you read.


Pastor Johnson Odesola

A potent and evocative prose— reminds us of why the story of the cross of Jesus Christ has moved men
and women to cast themselves before the throne of God.

A clarion call to all of us to turn (return) our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Professor Nimi Wariboko
Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics
Boston University, USA

A masterpiece from a great mind written to encourage and strengthen believers.

The author; in this book, is not talking about different types of cross, as there are indeed many types of cross.  The Book takes us through the journey of the Redemptive work of the Messiah; the transaction that took place, the rejection, the miracles, the freedom from sin, the reconciliation, forgiveness and adoption; all these happened on the Cross of Calvary.

We agree with the author in the introduction that: “there is no salvation without the Cross of Christ”.

This Book is therefore recommended to both the ordained and lay regardless of denomination.


The Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius C.O. Kattey (JP)
Dean Church of Nigeria
Archbishop, Province of Niger Delta,
Bishop Diocese of Niger Delta North &
Grand Patron, Scripture Union (Nigeria).

This Book unravels the power and message of the cross all anew.

It is a rallying call on contemporary Christians who loathsomely reject the cross and its varied implications as ‘not their portion’. The story of the cross which this book highlights forewarns us all that God’s glory comes not by going around the dark valley, but through it.

I recommend this book to all pastors and their congregations and to all who are seeking to understand the meaning and power of the cross of Jesus Christ.


Rev. Msgr. PIUS KII, Ph.D
Department of Canon Law
Catholic Institute of West Africa